Jennifer & Wilfred

Updated: May 25

There are couples we’ve photographed who've warmed our hearts and gone on to become friends. And then there’s Jen & Wil!

Planning a wedding is always a mammoth task for any bride (and groom!). Add two different continents and a pandemic to that mix -you have an extraordinary mission on your hands. From the moment Jen and I connected online I knew this would be a special wedding to capture. Her warmth in all our conversations shone through bright!

The team and I especially love shooting the furry friends of our couples at every shoot. This time though, in spite of our plans, we unfortunately missed meeting her dog Phiphi who had to stay home and couldn’t make it for the wedding.

I can’t write about their wedding without mentioning Jen’s dad, who kept us all entertained through the whole evening with his jokes 😊 and all the that friends who came together to help organize everything from the décor, toasts, guests, my team and I and of course the surprise flashmob dedicated to Wil :)

On 7th Jan we were still dealing with newly revised restrictions on weddings but these two handled like champs! This, was truly a celebration and testament to the love shared between everyone present there.

Here’s presenting The #Jellie wedding!

The up-for-any-number-of-jumps-to-get-the-shot-right groomsmen :)

Jen and her dad sharing an inside joke here that none of us were privy too- including Wil clear :)

This is Jen's mum warning her dad (just before the ceremony started) - Ok no more jokes now!

Venue : Garden Court, Pune

Date: 7th January 2022

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